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TeaFit Glow Zero Sugar Barley Unsweetened Ice Tea | Real Freshly Brewed Iced Tea | 15 Super Ayurvedic Herbs | Skin, Hair, Gut Health | Japanese Mugicha Tisane | 1 Bottle | Tea


120  / 10% OFF
Heart Friendly
Weight-Loss Friendly
Barley 300ML
Peach Green 300ML
Lemon Black 300ML
Hand toasted barley, brewed in a blend of 15 botanicals. Caffeine free, Sugar Free - this nourishing tea is for everybody, even kids. 100% crafted from barley.
About TeaFit
For too long, beverage options have been overwhelmingly sweet, synthetic and lacking in nutrition. Growing up in a family with a history of diabetes, the founder faced health struggles of her own and wanted to create something different. During a trip to Japan, she discovered an abundance of unsweetened te...
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