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Mighty Millets Superseed Bars | Pack of 10 | Granola & Protein Bars


Heart Friendly
High Protein
Cholesterol Free
Weight-Loss Friendly
Refresh your day with this wholesome nuts and seeds bar, anytime, anywhere! Bite into your Super Seed Bar when you�re:- Low on Energy- Pressed on Time- Craving Something SweetRICH IN PROTEIN- Improves health and quality of hair- Helps with glowing skin- Heals damaged hair and nailsRICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS- Improves hair growth and density- Fights acne & aging- Softens rou...more
About Mighty Millets
Wrapping health and taste in convenient snacking solutions that our nutritionist handcrafts, especially for you! Our goal is to change the way people view healthy living, to make it much more pleasurable and attainable.
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