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Artinci Double Dark Chocolate Keto Cookies | Diabetic Friendly | Sugar Free Biscuit | Diet Snacks For Healthy Living | 185G | Cookies


Heart Friendly
Weight-Loss Friendly
Almond 185G
Dark Chocolate 185G
Seeds,Nuts,Coconuts 185G
All Nuts 185G
Made with 100% Chocolate Couverture (premium chocolate), and a low carb flour made of Super Seeds and Nuts. Sweetened with a natural, Zero Sugar stevia sweetener (No Bitterness, promise!) Per cookie: Calories - 25.2 KCal, Net carb - 0.5 g
About Artinci
We bring sugar free joy to those actively pursuing their health goals, with our range of desserts that promise a guilt-free indulgence. Artinci’s desserts are powered with a lab-tested low Glycemix Index sweetener (patent application pending) that is designed for great taste and is diabetic-safe and everyone-...
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