Q.Do I have to have an account to buy?
Ans: Yes. You need to log in to place an order.
Q.Can I add and delete products from my order after I have placed it?
Ans: Unfortunately, you cannot edit the information on an order after it is placed. You can, however, cancel any items from your order. Any new additions will be treated as a new order, and you shall receive an order confirmation email for the same.
Q.A product I want is out of stock. Can I still place an order?
Ans: Not right now. However, we are working on a feature where we will be able to notify you when a product is back in stock. Please keep checking the app for more such updates. And, if you think there is a feature you would like us to work on, please feel free to write to us at [email protected].
Q.Can I leave items in my cart for future purchases?
Ans: Of course, you can. You can also add the products that you would like to your Wishlist, and add them to your cart whenever you are ready to buy them.
Q.How do I know that the order has been successfully placed?
Ans: You will receive an email from us confirming the order. You can also check for the same on your My Orders page. You will also be notified when the items are shipped and delivered. You can always track the order status from the My Orders page.
Q.Do I have to pay for shipping charges?
Ans: For some select brands, you might see a shipping or delivery charge when you add the product to your cart. We work with a lot of new, innovative, and exciting brands that are small compared to the large corporations that ship for free. You will always be notified of the shipping or delivery charges before making the payment (you can see the details against each product in your cart).
Q.Does Mesky have shops or stores that I could visit and shop from?
Ans: Not yet, is what we would like to say. Keep checking this section for updates on physical stores.
Q.Where in India can I place an order from?
Ans: Literally everywhere. You can place an order from any pincode and we shall deliver. The delivery timeline will change with different locations, and you will receive an email from us informing you of your order status at every stage. You can also check the status on your My Orders page.
Q.Will all items in my order be delivered at the same time?
Ans: Your order items will be delivered to you in multiple shipments. Each of the item order status can be monitored on your My Orders page.
Q.What is the estimated delivery time?
Ans: We dispatch most orders in 1-3 days time, and you can expect to receive the orders in 3-7 days. We are trying our best to shorten these delivery times. You can always check the status of your deliveries in My Orders page.