Q.What can I do on Mesky?
Ans: Mesky is a shop “from” content app. Mesky focuses on new age, innovative brands that are making clean and healthy products. You see posts by different brands, about various products, highlighting the health benefits and more. Scroll through the feed, follow brands that you like, shop directly from the feed. Or the old school way, if you wish to search for a product and shop. Either works. Mesky is the best of both worlds - Discover new brands. Engage with great content. Shop for exciting products.
Q.How can I create an account?
Ans: Just click on the log in button, and get started.
Q.How can I save my address?
Ans: While placing an order, you can add the address you want the order to be shipped to. Alternatively, you can go to My Addresses and add the address, and select it while placing an order. We deliver across India, so you can order from anywhere.
Q.How does the wishlist work?
Ans: If you come across an exciting product while browsing, but you don’t want to add it to your cart immediately, you can save the product in your wishlist. You can add any number of products to your wishlist that you can refer to anytime. When you are on your cart and are placing an order, you can easily add any of these products from your wishlist to the cart.